Filipinos win NBA 2K16 PS4 Asia Tournament

Filipino cyber basketball gamers dominated the National Basketball Association (NBA) Playstation 4 2K16 Asia Tournament in February, grabbing the top 2 winning spots.

NBA 2K16 champs Taipei Game Show
NBA 2K16 champs, Taipei Game Show [via Facebook]

Pinoys Aminolah “Rial” Polog Jr. won first place and USD 2,500, while Wilmer “Ming” Magno was awarded the second place and USD 1,200.

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Polog and Magno finished in the top two spots after making it to the top 6 finalists at the Taipei Game Show. The two competed against each other and the other 4 finalists from Taiwan and Hongkong in a round robin format.

The top 3 players emerged from the matches, and included Taiwan’s Chien Chun Chieh who eventually finished third.

The final match between the two Filipinos had Polog winning with the Oklahoma Thunder, 51-40 over Magno’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Filipino cyber gamers won over a total of 640 players in the region who competed in the NBA 2K16 PS4 Asia Tournament of Sony Playstation and game publisher 2K.

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