From Frying Pan to Fame: Discover How the ‘Lumpia Queen’ Wrapped Up TikTok’s Top Foodie Award

Tiktok Lumpia Queen Top Foodie Award
Abi Marquez, the ‘Lumpia Queen’, showcasing her award-winning culinary flair with a sizzling platter of innovation, wrapped in the essence of Filipino cuisine. Screencaps from CNN video.

In the bustling world of food on TikTok, a new queen has been crowned. Abi Marquez, known to her fans as the “Lumpia Queen”, has sizzled her way to fame, bagging the title of TikTok Philippines Foodie Creator of the Year 2023. With her innovative one-minute cooking videos, Abi has rolled up a fanbase hungry for more than just her scrumptious lumpia.

During an engaging interview with Rico Hizon on CNN Philippines’ “The Final Word”, Abi shared her journey from an ordinary Facebook user to a social media sensation. “I honed my skills for a long time, even before I started this,” she revealed. It wasn’t just lumpia that catapulted her to fame; it was her passion for filmmaking and cooking, mixed during the pandemic as a creative outlet, that really turned the heat up on her social media presence.

The Lumpia Queen’s approach to content is refreshingly experimental. “The concept is, these dishes – can we turn them into something like wrapping it in lumpia? Is that possible?” she pondered aloud. Her one-minute videos are not just about speed but also about packing a punch of flavor and creativity into every second. This technique has clearly resonated, with Abi amassing an impressive 3 million followers on TikTok.

And Abi’s videos are not just about flavors – she brings in tips on the basics of cooking like food safety and how to manage food – things she learned from her Hotel and Restaurant Management course at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

When asked about Filipino cuisine’s global recognition, Abi expressed her culinary ambition: “I feel like we have so much to offer, but we just have not shared with the world,” she mused, seeing her diverse audience as an opportunity to showcase Filipino dishes to a global palate.

Sample how Abi Marquez champions the uniqueness of Filipino food in her videos.

For those dreaming of their own social media stardom, Abi offered some sage advice: “The easiest way to stand out is just being who you are,” she says. “Just have fun. If you have fun in the video, it will reflect in the video and people will have fun watching the video.”

From her signature Leche Flan to the celebrated Tortang Talong, Abi Marquez isn’t just creating content; she’s stirring up a cultural movement, one delicious video at a time. And with her vibrant personality and passion for Filipino food, it’s no wonder she’s TikTok’s reigning culinary royalty.

If Abi Marquez’s story has stirred your appetite for more than just good food, but also for inspiring success, then don’t keep this feast of motivation to yourself. Share this article and spread the savory story of the Lumpia Queen’s rise to TikTok fame. Let’s celebrate the rich flavors of Filipino cuisine and the creators who bring them to the world’s table. Share on your socials and tag a friend who loves food, creativity, and the spirit of innovation that Abi embodies.

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WATCH Lumpia Queen Abi Marquez with Rico Hizon on CNN Philippines’ The Final Word here:

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