Heneral Tuna Fan Art Contest Celebrates Filipino Values: See the Winning Entries!

Heneral Tuna Fan Art Contest
Here are the winners of the Heneral Tuna digital poster-making contest 2023. NCCA photos.

Filipino values are showcased in several fan artworks created by the winners of the Heneral Tuna Digital Poster Making Art Contest, a project of the Philippines’ National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

This event, part of the NCCA’s Filipino Values Month celebration, highlighted the creativity of high school and college students across the Philippines. The contest theme, “Filipino Values for the Common Good,” was artistically interpreted in various styles, reflecting the rich culture and values of the Filipino people.

The 2023 contest saw 220 entries from 56 cities and provinces, each uniquely capturing the essence of Filipino values through the lens of Heneral Tuna, the beloved blue alien cat from the NCCA’s animated and book series. The top three winners demonstrated exceptional creativity and a deep understanding of Filipino culture.

Winner Highlights:

First Place: Anna Rina Oncog from Bohol emerged as the winner with her digital poster integrating Heneral Tuna into iconic Filipino cultural symbols. Her work exemplified values like Maka-Diyos, Maka-tao, Maka-bayan, and Maka-kalikasan.

Second Place: Lorenzo Angelo Maranan of Baguio City clinched the second spot. His monochromatic artwork with golden accents depicted Heneral Tuna amidst the Earthlings of Barangay Hiraya, inspired by the animated series.

Third Place: From Antipolo City, Khem Mary Abalos secured third place. Her portrayal of Heneral Tuna as an integral part of Barangay Hiraya’s daily life resonated with the essence of Filipino values.

Honorable Mentions: Additionally, Ildie Esteban of Manila, Daryelle Uy of Marikina City, John Lester Fines, Amos Ulang, and Maria Amor Barcenas received honorable mentions for their creative entries.

Prizes and Recognition: Oncog received PHP 10,000, while Maranan and Abalos were awarded PHP 7,500 and PHP 5,000, respectively. All winners were also presented with certificates and special tokens from the NCCA.

Beyond the Contest: The NCCA’s celebration included the launch of the Heneral Tuna children’s book series and a partnership with the Knowledge Channel to air Heneral Tuna episodes. These initiatives aim to instill and promote Filipino values among the youth through engaging and educational mediums.

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