Honest Zamboanga airport cleaners return 200k cash and valuables

Arron Paul Villanueva Gracelyn Alihuddin
Arron Paul A. Villanueva with the valuables he surrendered and
Gracelyn A. Alihuddin during the turnover.
Credits to CAAP.

Two facility cleaners at the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)-operated Zamboanga International Airport, Arron Paul A. Villanueva and Gracelyn A. Alihuddin, are being celebrated by the airport for their honesty.

Last October, Alihuddin found a bag left behind by a Chinese passenger containing a laptop, a mobile phone, a passport with valuable personal documents, and more or less two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00) worth of cash.

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Immediately, she handed the bag to a police officer on duty under the PNP Airport Security Unit (AVSEU), who assisted her in returning the bag to its rightful owner. The owner gave Alihuddin three thousand pesos (P3,000.00) in gratitude and also as an advance “pamasko”.

Meanwhile, on November 24, Villanueva found the belongings left by Aljirum Kaluang Jadjuli at ZIA’s pre-departure area that consists of four (4) mobile phones (Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo), one (1) tablet, and twenty-four (24) pieces of assorted sunglasses and were turned over at the airport’s Malasakit Help Desk on the same day he found them.

Kaluang Jadjuli claimed his belongings on Monday, November 25 from the airport’s terminal supervisor Ma. Socorro Reyes, Villanueva was also present in the turnover.

With their true compassion and honesty for their good deeds, the two employees will be given a certificate of special recognition during the airport’s upcoming Christmas party.

Philippine airport workers have been returning valuables left by passengers, among them, a wallet with 130k cash, a bag with 400k cash, and another bag with 1000 US Dollars.

SEND cheers to our honest Filipino airport workers!

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