How do you stay happy, calm & productive during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Stay Happy Calm Productive COVID-19
Trixie Esguerra is back with her tips and tricks on staying positive.

I don’t want to offend anyone but I really feel that this is the world seriously healing itself. Unfortunately, causing lives.

My intuition tells me that we will all come out as better individuals, as a better team Pilipinas, as a better world, after this.

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Just when I thought that when 2020 comes, we will be learning how to fly cars, how to live in another planet, how to learn new skills in an instant via chips inserted in our body, the Universe decided to teach us basic lessons.

💚Like washing hands.
💚Taking care of our loved ones and ourselves.
💚Identifying our values & knowing what we are made of.
💚Allocating time wisely for what really matters in life.
💚Compassion and teamwork.

This world is teaching us in a painful way. Because perhaps, we will only learn if it causes us real pain.

Mga mahal kong kababayan, while it is ok to repost figures and updates, please pick them wisely as they cause us panic and stress.
Remember, stress puts our immune system down.
To overcome the crisis, feeding our fears is the worst we can do.
Why don’t we talk about faith? Post about hopes. Share preventive measures that people can actively practice.
How about trusting the process?

During this time when I can only go around the house, just like you, I, together with some friends and people I look up to, decided to be of service to you.

If you feel that you need someone to journey with you online during the next 30 days, would you consider joining me as my team and I do this 30 day LIVE videos starting tonight, Monday, March 16 at 8-8:30 pm?

Let’s keep each other sane, happy & productive. ⭐

Why is it worth your time to join?

You will be encouraged and guided as to how to make the most out of your next 30 days.

I, and my special guests, will share with you our high energies, respective expertise & tips on what to do during this crisis.

Raffle prizes every night!!! Yes, that is right!

Starting tonight, March 16, Monday.

Alarm your phone now! 8pm!
See you inside
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