James Bond’s Rachel Grant showcases PHL in 12-part online video series

Philippines-born international actress Rachel Louise Grant De Longueuil a.k.a. Rachel Grant, has released a 12-part digital adventure series that showcases the country.

Grant who played Bond girl “Peaceful Fountains of Desire” to Pierce Brosnan’s James in the film Die Another Day, released a video series titled “Fun in the Philippines” on Storia.

A modern-day adventurer, author and entrepreneur, Grant also released a series sneak peek on the Rachel Grant website, all about her trip to Tibiao, Aklan province showing her enjoying a hot bath in a local “Kawa” or cauldron.

The video praises the region for its many unknown treasures and adventures, such as an epic hike on top of Mararison Island, the stunning Bugtong Bato Falls, kayaking on the white waters of Tibiao River, viewing the province’s own rice terraces, and, finding the world’s largest flower.

The most recent installment on her Storia digital series is all about the “Boodle Fight” meal on Boracay which she declares as unique to the Philippines. She then goes on to show how to prepare the cutlery-free dining feast.

The new video also cites Laoag as the Guinness World Record holder for the longest boodle fight at 5km.

View Rachel Grant’s Fun in the Philippines — The Boodle Fight!

Her bio states Grant was born on the island of Luzon in the Philippines and raised in Nottingham, United Kingdom to a Filipino mother and a British father. She is related to British royalty through her grandfather, the late Baron Raymond De Longueuil (second cousin to Queen Elizabeth II of England) whose mother was Ernestine Maude Bowes-Lyon. Her father is the current Baron de Longueuil and her older sister Angela with take on the title of Baroness with Rachel and sister Rebecca as Honourable.

She attended drama school in London where she stayed on and pursued her acting career. She later moved to Los Angeles, California and now lives in New York.

The former international beauty queen and Miss Hawaiian Tropic has traveled to over 70 countries leading explorations to unknown and daring locations such as the uncharted 4km Angel Cave with underground waterfalls and stone formations in Bani, Pangasinan.

Bani is also the site of another Fun in the Philippines video where Rachel features the world’s tastiest watermelons. She shows how the locals turn every part of the melon to a product, rendering zero wastage. Corn husks are also turned into handicrafts.

View Rachel’s video Fun in the Philippines: Melons and Corn

Another series video features a How-To-Be-a-Mermaid school in Manila, Boracay, and Cebu which teaches females and males how to swim underwater and care for the seas, like a mermaid.

View Rachel’s video Fun in the Philippines: The Mermaid School

For the adventurous soul, Rachel recommends a unique-themed Boracay restaurant.

View Fun In The Philippines: The Boracay Toilet Restaurant

The digital series began in January 2018 with a feature on the Hundred Island National Park in Pangasinan where coral islands, said to be over 2 million years old, seem to float above water. Island hopping the park brought Rachel to a 56-foot statue of Jesus Christ set atop the Pilgrimage Island installed in 2016, swimming in clear blue waters, beachcombing, exploration of hollow islands, and finding giant clams.

View Rachel’s video Fun in the Philippines: Hundred Islands National Park

The Filipina-British celebrity was Tour Guide and Host on Bravo TV’s Tour Group and has a series of online travel videos, many which have gone viral accumulating over 100 million views in total. Her “How to Pack Over 100 Items into a Carry-on” won her a Shorty Award, was covered on over 200 websites and was featured on The Rachael Ray Show where she guest hosted. She writes for Jetset on Bravo.TV.

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