Jose Mari Chan: A Sugar Baron’s Tips For A Better Work-Life Balance

The renowned composer-singer and eternally preppy sugar baron, who is also Chairman and CEO of BISCOM, Inc., pushes his peers to find interests outside of the office and develop a better work-life balance.

  • I always tell my fellow entrepreneurs to find a hobby. Each one has different talents; mine was music.
  • Find something to do that will enliven your spirit, and music does that for me. I have never lived for just the applause, the standing ovation or the talent fee that they pay me. Nakakataba ng puso (it warms the heart) when someone comes up to say that Tell Me Your Name was what he used to sing when he was courting his girlfriend or I hear little kids singing Christmas in Our Hearts. That’s pleasure that can’t be bought.
  • I also serve once a month as a lector and commentator at my church (Sanctuario de San Antonio). I started doing this when I lived in New York, and that’s where I learned to modulate, pause and enunciate for people to understand my words.
  • Looking at how I’ve grown through the years, from being idealistic to being realistic, I’ve always been an optimist. Each morning I wake up, I thank God for the gift of another day, the gift of family, the gift of friends, the gift of my business and the gift of music. Music – what a wonderful gift from God, and it’s in our DNA!

Reproduced from “Jose Mari Chan: “Sugar in his Heart”, Boardroom Watch, The Manila Times

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