Jose Rizal monument stands in Canada’s own Luneta Park

Jose Rizal Canada Luneta Park
The Jose Rizal monument stands as a tribute to the great Filipino. Credits to Markham City Government.

Filipino national hero Jose Rizal’s monument now stands in Canada’s own version of Manila’s Luneta Park Gardens.

The cold cast bronze monument of Dr. Rizal is six feet tall and is installed on a granite pedestal that is seven feet tall, with an estimated life span of more than 50 years.

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The Luneta Park site for the Rizal monument is of close proximity to Rizal Avenue. The monument and surrounding Luneta Park bears Markham’s Public Art collection.

The Jose Rizal monument stands as a tribute to the great Filipino coinciding with Canada’s celebration of Filpino Canadians for its first Filipino Heritage Month in June.

The City of Markham, an award-winning municipality with over 355,000 residents and the largest of nine communities in York Region, unveiled the Jose Rizal monument to mark the 121st Anniversary of Philippine Independence Day on June 12. The Dr. José Rizal monument is the result of the partnership between the City of Markham and the Filipino Canadian Community of Markham.

Dr. José Rizal was cited by Markham as “a medical doctor, teacher, farmer, author, poet and political reformer, who envisioned a social order where democracy, freedom, equality, and universal brotherhood would be the norms.”

“Through his silent protest, Dr. Rizal galvanized and inspired generations of people,” says Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti in the city government report of the unveiling published on June 10.

“The monument honors a man who spent his life advocating the very values that define us as Canadians, multiculturalism and social cohesion. The Filipino-Canadian community’s generosity is appreciated and is a reflection of our community – welcoming and inclusive. We are united by our love for this country and love for Markham,” added the Markham City mayor.

Markham artist and creator of the monument, Mogi Mogado, said the monument “will honor a man who spent his life advocating for ideas and principles that inspire generations of freedom fighters around the world. Dr. Rizal’s writings embody ideas that inspire and support multiculturalism in Canada, and harmonious living amidst diversity as exemplified today in our thriving Markham communities.”

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