Josie Natori: Proudly Filipino Made

HSBC Philippines

Josie Cruz Natori walked away in 1977 from a pioneering position as Merrill-Lynch’s first female vice-president of investment banking to become a fashion designer, now a lifestyle trend-setter.

As a Filipino showing on international catwalks and selling in name department stores, she wears her nationality as a proud badge.

Her belief in local artistry and craftsmanship has never wavered. She declares that our talent can stand alongside the world’s best products.

She should know, she helped us and her sumptuous Natori label get there.

Natori believes that Filipino artistry and craftsmanship can stand alongside the world’s best products on the international stage.

She should know, she helped us and her sumptuous Natori label get there.

  • When I started my factory in 1978, I set up standards to meet the mandate of what was expected. We’ve come a long way, but I can attest to you that our products can match things made in Japan and France.
  • A lot of European brands have their products made in local factories.
  • The creativity of the Filipino is unique – we may not be the most efficient. Like the Italians, we love life which may explain why we tend to be inconsistent (in our work). Our craftsmanship, however, is of a superior level. Ours is the best in Southeast Asia.
  • I never thought of moving my production out of the Philippines, never. We do make some things in other countries, the less expensive things. The higher quality ones are all made in the Philippines. I’m very proud of what our factory has produced.

(Reprinted from Boardroom Watch of the Manila Times)

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