Journey to Cresta De Gallo, the Most Beautiful Island in PHL

Cresta De Gallo, a single strip of virgin island in Romblon, is gaining attention as the Most Beautiful Island in the Philippines.

A video blog on Lost LeBlanc which commands over 750,000 members worldwide “in search of the island you never knew existed,” posted a 5-minute-and-a-half video showcasing the journey to Cresta De Gallo off Sibuyan Island in the MIMAROPA Region.

Canadian daily vlogger Christian LeBlanc narrates in the video how the 5 days travel on planes, boats, jeepneys, and tricycles was all worth the trip to Cresta De Gallo.

“It took a lot of work to get here but in my opinion I’ve seen a lot of islands and when you really want to experience something unique, you want to have that moment that nobody else has had -then this is definitely a worthy investment of time and money.”

LeBlanc hastens to say that the trip was not expensive at all, flying Cebu Pacific, riding 2 boats to Sibuyan Island and then a 2-hour boat ride to Cresta De Gallo.

The Canadian vlogger was visibly excited and moved by the crystal clear waters and unspoiled beach as he arrived on the island that did not have electricity, hotel or store – not even other tourists at the time he went there.

“We’re about to experience a place that almost nobody else has ever been. This is a tiny spit of land in the middle of the ocean. Like there’s literally nobody here right now.”

“This was some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen. Only in the Philippines. I’ve been to a lot of islands but this is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing. This is paradise right there.”

Lost LeBlanc has vlogged about many Philippine travel destinations on You Tube.

The Cresta De Gallo vlog is the 5h episode of a series on Hot Tips to the Philippines Travel Guide.

See how this unspoiled patch of land in the Philippines captured worldwide interest in this Cresta De Gallo Vlog here.

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