Lapu-lapu is the new hero on Mobile Legends: Bang bang

Filipino national hero Lapu-lapu is the newest hero on popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Mobile Legends: Bang bang.

Warrior Lapu-lapu won the mobile phone game poll for the Philippines’ choice of the next Mobile Legends hero, beating Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio.

The concept art for Lapu-lapu depicts the hero as a native with a tattooed muscular body, an absolute warrior which fits the known image of the Philippine hero.

The MOBA game describes the hero Lapu-Lapu as one who “took up his twin blades and led his people into battle, slaying countless invaders. Under his leadership, they won victory and the respect of the enemy, free once again to live in peace.”

“The incident of ‘outside invaders’ made our hero aware of the world beyond the island, and though beset by enemies, he packed his bags and began a journey to learn about this world,” reads the caption on the introduction video.

Lapu-lapu is known as the pre-Spanish warrior who defended Mactan, Cebu from the Spanish conquerors led by Ferdinand Magellan.

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