Linked In survey says Filipinos 3rd Most Confident in Achieving Success

Linked In Filipinos
Filipinos still celebrate life in the Philippines despite many adversities. Photo from Department of Tourism.

A Linked In survey among the world’s professionals has noted Filipinos as the 3rd “Most Confident in Achieving Success” among markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Philippines also ranked 5th “Most Confident in Gaining Access to and Pursuing Opportunities” with a score of 111 indicating an Above Average Opportunity Index Score among 22 of the world’s markets surveyed in the 2020 Linked In Opportunity Index.

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The Linked In survey, which assessed perceptions around opportunity, life, and economy, ranked the Philippines in third spot just behind India (1st) and Indonesia (2nd) in the Asia-Pacific.

In comparison with its Asian neighbors, the Philippines placed 4th in three other markers: “Outlook on economy over next 12 months”, “Outlook on personal financial situation over next 12 months”, and “Quality of life (happiness)”.

The Philippines ranks 3rd most confident in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Southeast Asian country ranked 5th in “Assessment on accessibility of opportunity next 12 months”, 6th in “Quality of life (compared to parents), and 11th in “Availability of in-market opportunities”.

Linked In quotes Ireneo Jr. Demecais, President and Co-Founder of YGOAL and Country Director of the Asean Youth Community (AYC) to explain the strong performance of the Philippines in the Index.

“Filipinos’ positive outlook on life and the economy is an affirmation of how resilient we are as a people. It is in our culture to consciously choose optimism to surpass adversities,”

“One concrete example is how we view effects of disasters – we see it as a ‘period of resilience’ and less of a social accountability. The same mindset is manifested in our views on looking for a job, on ensuring our financial stability, and even on our quality of education,” said Demecais in the Linked In Opportunity Index.

Pinoys ranked 5th among the world’s most optimistic

The Linked In survey covered 30,000 respondents in 22 world markets.

The Philippines started off the year 2020 with the Taal Volcano eruption that displaced thousands of families in the Calabarzon Region. The nation immediately worked together to provide for the needs of the affected residents and workers, with help coming from volunteer individuals, schools and churches, ordinary individuals and celebrities, and overseas Filipino workers, and government.

In December 2019, the country was also hit with Christmas season typhoons and earthquakes that rocked the usually festive time of the year.

Filipinos seem to have come out of both incidents still looking forward to things getting better.

SEND CHEERS to Filipinos and the Philippines for ranking in the top tier of confident nations in the world!

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