Mactan airport’s living statues of Filipino history icons surprise passengers

Mactan Airport
Mactan Cebu International Airport is touted as the world’s first resort airport. Credits to MCIA.

Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) surprised passengers with five Filipino history icons roaming its terminal to mark the nation’s 121st anniversary of Philippine Independence Day.

Mactan Cebu International Airport released a video revealing the funny and touching moments of how its living statues of Filipino hero and historical figures interacted with passengers.

The two-minute video posted on social media showed five persons colored and clothed in gray like the stone statues they represented. The living statues imitated the Philippine historical figures’ iconic poses.

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People were caught with surprised expressions, happily posing with the living statues, and even holding their hands.

The five Philippine history icons in living statue form seen mingling with passengers at the Mactan Cebu Airport were:

  1. Andres Bonifacio, leader of the revolutionary Katipunan
  2. Jose Rizal, martyred Filipino propagandist
  3. Julian Felipe, composer of the Philippine National Anthem
  4. Marcela Agoncillo, one of the women who sewed the Philippine flag
  5. Emilio Aguinaldo, first Philippine President who declared independence from Spain in 1898 and presented the nation with its flag and national anthem.

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Mactan Cebu International Airport is touted as the world’s first resort airport. MCIA has received many recognitions for its service and innovations including the Asia Pacific Medium Airport of the Year and Asia’s Best Airports.

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WATCH the short Mactan Cebu Airport video here and TELL US your thoughts about Philippine history icons!

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