Makati City distributes flash drives with modules for offline distance learning

Makati City On The Go flash drives
Public school students in Makati will receive learner’s packages to aid their new normal schooling routine. Photo from Makati Instagram.

Makati City is distributing On The Go (OTG) flash drives designed to support blended learning for public school students under the new normal of education.

Makati City Mayor Abigail “Abby” Binay demonstrated how to use the device in on September 30, 2020, as the Philippine city rolled out its Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) which addresses unique concerns for students and teachers in preparation for the opening of classes on October 5, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

All public school students in Makati from preschool to senior high school will receive distance learning materials with OTG flash drives containing digitized self-directed modules and video broadcast editions accessible offline for different gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, laptops, and smart televisions.

“The plan deals with issues such as limited access to gadgets and internet connectivity. It contains ways and means to ensure continuous learning while keeping our students and teachers safe from Covid-19 infection,” Mayor Binay explained during the device’s demonstration.

“The OTG flash drive is part of the learner’s package provided by the city…it is one of the primary tools we came up with to ensure that no student will be left behind as we go through the new normal in education,” Binay added.

The mayor also announced that public school teachers and students will be receiving a daily allowance of five-hour free Internet load. Over 2,500 laptops will be handed out to teachers this October.

The local government has already started distributing learner’s packages to 85,000 public school enrollees in the city. The package includes printed modules, journals, two reusable face masks, and one OTG flash drive.

Makati City also launched the ‘Dyipni Maki’ project which converted jeepneys to mobile learning hubs equipped with laptops and internet connection, as well as books and other learning materials. The project provided a source of livelihood for 27 displaced jeepney drivers.

Government and non-profit initiatives started by kind-hearted Filipinos are making sure no learner is left behind in the new normal of schooling.

The City of Manila distributed free tablets, laptops, and WiFi gadgets to public school children and teachers.

Non-profit organization Pinoys in Pursuit of Learning (PIPOL) is raising funds for the printing and delivery costs of learning modules for students without gadgets and/or internet.

Cavite has also rolled out free WiFi for its public school students.

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