Missionary triathlete Romeo Puncia receives Emirates Nursing honors

Romeo Puncia
The monicker “Missionary Athlete” refers to Oreo Puncia being an advocate of the Race with a Purpose Campaign of the Katribo Charities. Credits to Romeo Puncia.

Missionary triathlete Romeo “Oreo” Puncia was honored by the Filipino Nurses Association in the Emirates during the celebration of International Nurses Day.

Puncia was honored with the “Award for Contributions to the Health and Welfare of Children” in the association’s awards night held at the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Registered Nurse and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters received the award on June 7. The award citation credits Puncia for his “significant contributions to the health and welfare of children nationally and globally.”

In a Good News Pilipinas interview, Puncia talked about working as an Abu Dhabi Ambulance Medic in Public Ambulance Service where he works everyday on emergency medical trauma cases.

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He shared about making an impact in the lives of children in the tribes of Palawan in the Philippines. Puncia has been participating in triathlon races to raise funds for his mission work to help the children of indigenous people.

The monicker “Missionary Athlete” refers to Oreo Puncia being an advocate of the Race with a Purpose Campaign of the Katribo Charities.

Oreo Puncia regularly comes home to the Philippines to go on humanitarian missions to the tribes of Palawan. Credits to Romeo Puncia.

In May, Puncia came home to the Philippines for another tribal mission – his 6th Tribal Youth Camp. At the Palawan charity event, Puncia and fellow volunteers conducted sports training, donated healthcare and medical supplies, and toys for the children. He will return in October for another Palawan tribal mission.

Puncia also shared news of his upcoming two races this June. The triathlete will compete in the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt, Germany on June 30. Afterwards he will join the Altriman Extreme Triathlon in Les Angles, France on July 6.

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“In Altriman I will be the first UAE Based Filipino who will join the race. This is part of my Race With A Purpose Campaign and Xtri World Tour Representing UAE/Philippines. I will be doing the Xtri World Tour until 2022,” revealed Puncia.

Says Puncia of the Altriman race, “I will be doing the extreme triathlons in the world… para bang dun ko nakikita ang challenge at excited ako para doon
and to represent my country PH and UAE… and wanted to be the first Filipino to finish it.”

The missionary triathlete raises funds while racing for Katribo Charities. Credits to Romeo Puncia.

Puncia revealed being nervous about the back to back races. But he says his coach is training him well.

“Ako naman need to balance everything: time with work, family, and training… and specially with my stuff from my sponsors and race partners I know it can help me to reach my goal,” adds the missionary triathlete nurse EMT.

For his fellow Filipino nurses around the world, Romeo Puncia has these to say:

“Continue to serve with love and compassion with or without recognition. Give your patient the highest standard of care, because they deserve it.”

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