More Danish and Chinese tourists promise to visit the Philippines in 2018

The Philippines has become one of the most popular places to visit in Asia this year that Denmark and China are optimistic that more of their countrymen will visit this archipelago of more than 7100 islands this year.

Danish Ambassador to the Philippines Jan Top Christensen is optimistic that more than 18,000 Danish tourists in 2017 to the country will further increase this year.

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“I expect that more will be coming because the Philippines is very much featured in international tourism magazines as the hottest place to visit now,” Christensen told reporters in a recent interview.

“The word is spreading and more is coming,” he added.

Meanwhile, The Chinese city of Hengyang has offered to bring at least one million tourists in this city yearly, as well as help boost the agricultural industry and social services.

“The prospect one million tourists from Hengyang are also potential to become investors and would bring more business activities that would help boost the city’s local economy,” Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal said in an interview.

Rosal had a dialogue with Hengyang Vice-Mayor Gong Xueye and his officials here over the weekend.

Based on statistics released by the Department of Tourism for international arrivals in 2017, at least 18,445 Danish nationals visited the country, a 2.19 percent growth from the 2016 figures.

Given the growth, Christensen said it is now important for the Philippines to “broaden” its scope of activities from beaches and diving.

“You have many other things to offer. I think with that, you will see a constant growth (on number) of tourists from Denmark to the Philippines,” he said.

Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal said the local government and Hengyang shared best practices in order to sustain the increasing number of tourist arrivals and also to improve the agricultural productivity of this city.

Rosal noted the good relationship of Legazpi and Hengyang was a “long term agreement” that would serve as an open window for opportunities to uplift the lives of the people of both localities.

Hengyang is the second largest city of Hunan Province of China.

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