Morissette starstruck with Will Smith, duets with Aladdin composer Alan Menken in Tokyo

Morissette A whole new world
Morissette grants Genie Will Smith’s wish and sings lines from “A Whole New World” Aladdin theme. Credits to Morissette Amon.

Filipina singer Morissette Amon met Aladdin’s Will Smith and Alan Menken in Tokyo to chat about the new film.

Early this week, Disney released the video of the meeting between the new voice of Princess Jasmine, the composer of the music, and the star of the film. The video has gone viral and is trending on YouTube.

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Morissette was seen on the video visibly starstruck with Menken whom she referred to as the composer of songs of her growing up years in the Philippines.

WATCH Darren Espanto and Morissette sing the Aladdin theme.

Menken warmly greeted Amon and mentioned that Lea Salonga talked to him about the Filipina singer. Lea Salonga was the original singing voice of Princess Jasmine in the hit animation film.

Morissette afterward went on social media to pay tribute to Salonga as “our forever Jasmine.”

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Will Smith, who plays the wish-granting Genie on the live-action film, then turned the tables and asked to be granted a wish – to hear Morissette sing with Alan Menken.

Morissette excitedly listened to Menken play the piano and sing the lines sung by Darren Espanto in their official cover of “A Whole New World.” Then it was time for her to sing her lines.

Menken and Smith cheered for Morissette and praised her singing. The video ends with Morissette, Alan Menken, and Will Smith giving a message for Filipinos.

WATCH Morissette grant Will Smith’s wish for her to sing with Alan Menken and TELL us what you think of their version of the Aladdin theme “A Whole New World”!

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