MUST WATCH: YouTube sensation Mimiyuuuh stars in Netflix digital series

Mimiyuuuh Netflix Eh Di Ikaw Na
Filipino social media influencer Mimiyuuuh headlines Netflix’s latest digital show “Eh Di Ikaw Na”. Screengrab from Netflix.

Filipino YouTube sensation Mimiyuuuh is starring in her own Netflix digital series called “Eh Di Ikaw Na” which airs on the streaming giant’s social media platforms every Wednesday.

Netflix Philippines first teased Filipino netizens of the surprise collaboration with a photo of the YouTube star and the caption “Going Dalagang Pilipina” referring to the influencer’s take on the viral online video challenge.

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Jeremy Sancebuche, known by her online persona Mimiyuuuh, is a vlogger, model, and content creator with more than three million subscribers on YouTube.

The first episode of Eh Di Ikaw Na with Mimiyuuuh aired on October 28, 2020, and put the ultimate Challenge Queen to the test with the #BawalAngBitterChallenge, where she had to try and not react to romantic “kilig” scenes from Netflix shows 2gether: The Series, Kissing Booth, Stranger Things, Friends, and The King: Eternal Monarch. If she reacts, she has to eat a spoonful of coffee as punishment.

The upcoming episodes promise more fun and laughter as they show the social media sensation taking on other challenges such as the “Drink Your Water Challenge,” where Mimiyuuuh “quenches her thirst with some of the hottest Netflix heartthrobs,” and the “Pambahay Awra Challenge,” where she recreates iconic outfits from Netflix shows.

New episodes of Eh Di Ikaw Na with Mimiyuuuh will air every Wednesday, 12 PM, on Netflix’s social media accounts.

Netflix Philippines is also set to stream 10 Filipino films this November.

Netflix also recently revealed the 1st look of Philippine anime Trese’s heroine vs. aswangs.

WATCH the first episode of Eh Di Ikaw Na below and SEND CHEERS in the comments below to Mimiyuuuh for getting her own Netflix digital series.

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