Paintings on the Philippines showcased in London Art Week

Philippine Paintings Martyn Gregory
Charles W. Andrews’ watercolor painting, A View of Manila from the Pasig River, no. 1, was on exhibit at Martyn Gregory on London Art Week. Credits to Philippine Embassy in London.

The prestigious Martyn Gregory Gallery in London recently featured drawings and paintings of various Philippine scenes from the 19th and 20th centuries at the London Art Week.

The twenty-six the featured works covering the period 1800 to 1950 include those done by early Western artists who traveled to the East, as well as by Eastern artists who worked in the ‘Western manner’ to cater for the tastes of Westerners in the Orient.

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Among the artists whose works were featured in the June 28 to July 5 exhibit entitled “The Philippines and South-East Asia,” were British portrait and miniature painter Charles Andrews; French artist Auguste Borget, famous for his sketches of various Asian destinations; and Filipino artist Justiniano Asuncion, one of the leading Filipino portrait artists of the 19th century.

The Martyn Gregory Gallery is one of the world’s leading authorities in topographical artwork depicting various sceneries across Asia.

The Philippine Ambassador to the UK Antonio Lagdameo said: “It is an honor for the Philippines to be featured prominently in a major exhibition and the range of artworks on display shows how the Philippines served as a wellspring of inspiration among some of the 19th century’s most talented artists and most intrepid explorers.”

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