PH to see more eCommerce businesses in coming decades, reveals Youth Mobility Index

The Philippines will continue to be one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, expanding more in the import eCommerce market according to DotAsia’s Youth Mobility Index (YMI.Asia).

YMI.Asia’s measure of the social, geo-physical and digital mobility of younger generations across Asia to better support young Asian entrepreneurs ranked the Philippines as #1 in Inbound Shipping Cost-Performance.

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The DotAsia analysis states the top ranking of the Philippines suggest the country is the most cost effective for import delivery.

The YMI.Asia reports that in terms of work-life balance, the country ranks #3 in Cost-Happiness performance within the Employment sector.

The mobility index states Cost-Happiness Performance is a measure of happiness over the cost of living at a locality, which is most relevant for cash-strapped youth upstarts.

The YMI.Asia report included 2 subcomponents designed specifically for youth with interesting results from Cost-Happiness Performance and Life Experience Index (LifeX).

The methodology for YMI is laid out in a matrix of the 3 Core Sectors: Education Mobility; Employment Mobility; and, Entrepreneurship Mobility; across 5 Mobility Vectors: Outbound Mobility; Inbound Mobility; Startup Mobility; Sustainability Factor; and, Internet Factor. Each of the (3×5=) 15 Components are built on 4 Dimensions, with a total of 60 Indicator Compounds. 216 socio-economic indicators were used across 20 localities in Asia for the inaugural YMI 2018 rankings.

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