Philippines’ Day of Valor trends with calls to uphold sovereignty, tributes to frontliners

frontliners Philippines Day of Valor
April 9 is traditionally a day to commemorate World War II veterans.

The Philippines’ “Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) on April 9, 2021, is trending on social media with Filipino netizens making calls for the nation to uphold its sovereignty over its territorial waters.

Formerly known as Bataan Day to commemorate the heroic defenders of Bataan during World War II in 1942, the national holiday was since renamed to the current Day of Valor and marked within the Philippine Veterans Week “to promote, preserve and memorialize the principles, ideals, and deeds of the Filipino war veteran as a means to enhance patriotism and love of country, especially among the youth of the land.”

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Twitterverse was dominated early in the day with the top hashtags #AtinAngPinas along with #Kagitingan, #Bataan, and #DayofValor posted in tweets about the disputes in the Philippines’ territorial waters and praises for the nation’s new heroes, the health frontliners leading the battle against the coronavirus disease.

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