Philippines’ Luksong Tinik, traditional games honored in special stamps

Luksong Tinik PHLPost special stamps
The new PHLPost stamps and souvenir sheets feature 8 traditional games played by Filipino children. Photo from PHLPost.

Luksong Tinik and other traditional games from the Philippines were honored in special stamps released by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost).

With school classes suspended due to Covid-19 threat, the PHLPost launched the “Larong Atin! traditional games” special stamps to promote Philippine heritage and culture and encourage physical well-being amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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The Larong Atin! se-tenant block of four stamps features the following games:

  • bato-bato-pik / jack-en-poy (rock-paper-scissors)
  • bahay-bahayan (playing house)
  • luksong tinik (thorn hurdles)
  • trumpo (spinning top)

The souvenir sheet for Larong Atin! shows:

  • jolen (marbles)
  • piko (hopscotch)
  • tumbang preso (knock down the prisoner)
  • saranggola (kite)

PHLPost says the stamps show that these Philippine Traditional Games sharpen problem-solving skills, promote teamwork and healthy competition, and encourage activities for youth from all walks of life. Each game has a story to tell about our values and traditions.

More importantly, “These traditional Filipino indoor and outdoor activities promote physical well-being and strengthen family ties in preparation for the new normal”, PHLPost said.

“Parents and kids can stay active at home playing their all-time Pinoy favorites like “bahay-bahayan and bato-bato-pik” while ensuring a safer environment during this pandemic. We also share the advocacy of preserving Filipino heritage in collaboration with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc. (FHFI)”, Postmaster General Joel Otarra said.

Philippine traditional games can be considered living “intangible heritage”, the preservation of which is supported by the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Also called “laro ng lahi”, these games are recreational activities that introduce children to Filipino values such as pakikipagtulungan (helpfulness), pakikiisa (cooperation), and pakikisama (getting along well with people), among others.

PHLPost has printed a total of 100,000 copies of the four (4) different design of the stamps sold for P12.00, P14.00, P15.00, P17.00 each. A special 5,000 pieces of the “limited collector souvenir sheet stamps” were also printed to be sold at P100 each. The stamps were designed by in-house graphic artists Rodine C. Teodoro and Eunice Beatrix U. Dabu in coordination with Judith Neric of Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc. (FHFI).

Stamps, Souvenir Sheets, and Official First Day Covers of “Larong Atin! Philippine Traditional Games” are now available at the Philatelic Counter, Manila Central Post Office, all Mega Manila Post Offices, Postal Area 2, San Fernando, La Union, Postal Area 4, San Pablo, Postal Area 5, Mandaue, Postal Area 6, Iloilo, Postal Area 7, Davao, and Postal Area 8, Cagayan de Oro.

Stamp collectors will have the option to purchase the stamps by ordering online ( or through telephone (8527-0132/85270108). Specially designated postmen or “wheel riders” will deliver these stamps and collect payments through Cash-on-Delivery (COD), a convenient method of payment upon receipt of items.

The PHLPost has also honored the Philippines’ frontline workers amid the pandemic.

Philippine mail safety has also been secured by PHLPost protocols to fight Covid-19.

TELL US in the comments below, what is your favorite Philippine traditional game?

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