Philippines Ranks Top 5 in Global Friendliness: A Haven for Travelers and Expats Alike

Philippines Global Friendliness
Discover the warmth of the Philippines: Ranked Top 5 in the World for Friendliness, where smiles and hospitality welcome you at every corner. Photo from Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.

The Philippines has earned a spot among the world’s friendliest nations, ranking in the top 5 in a 2023 list by The Travel, a leading travel and adventure publisher. This recognition highlights the nation’s exceptional hospitality and welcoming environment, making it a top choice for travelers seeking safe, engaging destinations for short stays or long-term relocation.

This Southeast Asian nation where over 110 million Filipinos reside is recognized for welcoming visitors and foreign nationals who have decided to settle permanently in the archipelagic nation of 7,641 islands. Known for its safe towns and amiable locals, the country offers an atmosphere that’s perfect for both brief getaways and extended visits.

Featured in The Travel’s “10 Friendliest Countries In The World, According To Statistics,” the Philippines stands out for its unique blend of affordability and warmth. The list, authored by Nicole Hansen and published on December 3, crowns Australia as the top country, with Manila earning the title of the “friendliest city in the Philippines.”

According to The Travel, tourists increasingly seek genuine interactions with locals in their travel experiences. “Thankfully, the most friendly countries in the world are full of engaging, kind locals willing to work through language barriers and social differences to help visitors feel at home in their country,” notes Hansen.

The Philippines’ 5th place is not only attributed to its budget-friendly destinations but also to the amiable nature of its people. The country’s English-speaking populace adds to its appeal, making it a comforting choice for foreign visitors and expats considering permanent residency.

The Travel’s assessment synthesizes data from US News Ranking for Friendliest Countries and the World Population Review Friendliest Country Rankings. These sources gather insights from global travelers and online forums. Notably, the Philippines has previously been recognized in the 2022 Readers Choice Awards by Conde Nast Travel and in Travel and Leisure’s World’s Friendliest Islands list.

The recognition of the Philippines in The Travel’s list is a testament to the nation’s enduring appeal and the warm hospitality of its people. It’s a clear invitation for travelers and expats to explore and experience the Filipino way of life.

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