PHL Dragon Boat team bag 4 golds in Canada Worlds

The Cobra-Pal Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) team captured four gold medals in the recenlty concluded 12th IDBF World National Dragon Boat Championships in Ontario, Canada.

Philippine Dragonboat Team
Philippine Dragonboat Team [via Mini Balita]

The Pinoy paddlers romped off with the gold mints in the 200m and 500m mixed categories events for the small boat event, and also claimed gold in the 500m premier mixed crown and senior A mixed title competitions.

“We have once again showcased Filipinos’ inherent world-class talent that we are built to endure, survive, and succeed in global competitions,” said PDBF president Marcia Cristobal. “The whole team channelled their Tunay na Lakas para sa Piliinas (true strength for the country).”

Outlasting chief opponents like Macau, Hungary, Italy, and Puerto Rico, the Cobra-PAL PDBF squad were without some of their main players whose visas were disapproved.

“That the team competed and emerged victorious even without a complete lineup is a testament of their true strength, perseverance in the face of challenges, determination despite all obstacles, and resolve in the face of competition,” said Hubert Tan, the senior vice president of Commercial of Asia Brewery Inc.

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