QC Library welcomes street kids

The Quezon City Public Library is welcoming street kids to enjoy its facilities and even meals.

QC Public Library
The Quezon City Public Library [via ABS-CBN]

The Quezon City Public Library and Information Center, housed within the Quezon City Hall compound in Diliman, reportedly receives daily visits from at least ten street children.

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The children read books, watch videos, color illustrations and play in the library like other kids. Head librarian Emelita Villanueva sees to it that the children are also given food during their stay.

“These small library guests, who usually visit the QCLIC in slippers, shorts and sando, enjoy learning new words, explore the world through reading, and learn the values they will be proud of when they grow old,” the librarian said.

“Aside from teaching them how to read, we listen to their life stories and sentiments, give inspiring advice if needed,” Villanueva added.

The library houses over 2,600 books including textbooks and story books, among others according to the Quezon City Public Affairs and Information Office (PAISO)

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