SB19 Amplifies Filipino Pride on Rizal’s 162nd Birth Anniversary: A Rallying Cry to Embrace Innate Greatness

SB19  Rizal's 162nd Birth Anniversary
SB19, the Billboard chart-topping Pinoy-pop sensation, celebrates Jose Rizal’s 162nd birth anniversary, reminding Filipinos of their inherent greatness. Read about their special tribute, inspiring messages, and continued global success. Screengrab from NCCA video.

Today, the world-renowned Billboard chart-topping Pinoy-pop sensation boy group SB19 has paid a heartfelt tribute to national hero Dr. Jose Rizal on his 162nd birth anniversary, reminding Filipinos everywhere to recognize their inherent greatness and find strength in their shared heritage.

In collaboration with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the five talented members of SB19 – Stell, Josh, Pablo, Ken, and Justin – honor Rizal’s multi-faceted genius in a special video message. Celebrating his roles as a doctor, writer, teacher, scientist, inventor, engineer, agriculturist, businessman, and visual artist, Justin proudly proclaimed, “Tunay na henyo. Tunay na Pilipino (A true genius. A true Filipino).”

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As the NCCA Youth and Sentro Rizal Ambassadors, SB19 emphasizes how Rizal’s birth anniversary should serve as a reminder of the innate talent and intelligence that Filipinos possess. Echoing this sentiment, Stell encouraged, “Tayo rin ay may likas na husay at talino na dapat ipamalas sa lahat ng dako ng mundo (Our innate greatness and intelligence should also be shown to the whole world).”

Encouraging a life dedicated to noble purposes, the group underscores the significance of embodying Filipino pride. Josh referred to Rizal’s iconic character Simoun from El Filibusterismo, saying, “walang halaga ang buhay na hindi nauukol sa isang layuning dakila (life is worthless if not dedicated to a noble purpose).” He continued, “That is why we should not put our uniqueness to waste. Instead, let us celebrate it with purpose and pride.”

SB19’s call to celebrate Filipino heritage and uniqueness holds strong legitimacy. As the first act from Southeast Asia and the Philippines to be nominated as a finalist in the Billboard Music Awards, the group has made waves internationally. Their music continues to trend on the Billboard charts, YouTube Trending videos, and Spotify, among many other worldwide platforms. With recently released hit songs “Gento” and “I Want You” from their 2nd EP release “Pagtatag” causing a stir, SB19 stands as a testament to the global appeal of Filipino talent.

This call to action by SB19 serves as a beacon of Filipino pride, encouraging each citizen to honor their heritage, embrace their innate greatness, and aim for global recognition, following in the footsteps of their national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and modern-day heroes like SB19 themselves. Today’s commemoration of Rizal’s birth echoes not just in the hearts of Filipinos but in the vibrant rhythms and harmonies of P-pop, reinforcing the ever-resilient spirit of the Philippines.

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