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Bishops ecological conversion

Bishops call for ecological conversion, advocate against single-use plastics

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has issued a pastoral letter to call for the faithful to work in line with the...

Recyclers of e-waste from discarded electrical or electronic devices gets support from largest Philippine...

Recyclers of electrical or electronic devices discards or e-waste are getting much needed support from the combined efforts of government and private initiatives. In early...

Philippines gears up to phase out lead-containing industrial paints in 2019

The Philippines’ paint industry sector is unifying to comply with the national phase-out target for lead-added industrial paints by December 31, 2019. Members of the...

How to celebrate reunions with Filipinos during Undas

Filipinos are known to celebrate reunions at every opportunity with families, friends, classmates, and work colleagues.

Philippines’ success in phasing out lead paints praised in Jakarta forum

The Philippines’ success in the phase-out of lead paint, a major source of childhood toxins exposure, has been hailed in a Jakarta forum participated in by Filipino paint industry leader Johnson Ongking.

Why school buses have to use lead-safe yellow paints?

As the Philippines marks school opening this June, operators of school buses are urged to use safe automotive paints for vehicles that transport children.

How to keep Brigada Eswela school clean-up eco-friendly

With most schools opening in a few weeks, communities are pitching in for the annual Brigada Eswela clean up of classrooms.

10 Tips for a Waste-Free Barangay Elections Campaign

In a bid to save the environment from campaign material waste during the Philippine barangay elections scheduled on May 14, EcoWaste identified ways to make campaigns more eco-friendly.

Manny Calonzo wins Int’l Environment Award for campaign vs lead paint

Filipino environmentalist Manny Calonzo is among seven people from around the world to be awarded a Goldman Environmental Prize for grassroots environmental activism.

Miss Toxic beauty pageant advocates love for Pinoy skin and safe cosmetics

Beauty pageant lovers have another contest to enjoy – and this time it promises to keep the beautiful Pinoy skin healthy and safe from...

6 Ways to Cut Down on Holiday Trash

With the enjoyment of the Christmas season comes great responsibility. This is the reminder brought forward by EcoWate Coalition, as it urged the public...

QC bans firecrackers, praised by NGOs for health, environmental and safety measures

Quezon City has enacted an ordinance imposing a total ban on the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices during festivity and other occasions in...

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