Send Love and Support Effortlessly: TANGGapp Revolutionizes US-Philippines Money Transfers

TANGGapp US-Philippines Money Transfers
Filipina founder and CEO of TANGGapp presents her vision for migrant Filipinos and the unbanked. Photo courtesy of TANGGapp.

Mobile remittance app TANGGapp created by Filipina founder Rebecca Kersch is changing the way money moves between the Philippines and the United States. Initially launched to facilitate transfers from US-based Filipinos to their families back home, TANGGapp now enables users in the Philippines to effortlessly send money stateside with its innovative Reverse Padala feature. This service caters to a variety of needs, from supporting students abroad to fulfilling pasabuy requests, making international financial support as simple as sending a text.

During the TANGGapp media roundtable in the Philippines on February 5, 2024, Kersch told, “Filipinos are so generous, so giving, that wherever they may be, they find ways to send gifts to their families and friends across the seas.” Kersch, whose Filipina mother made sure she kept the good values of her heritage even while growing up in the Netherlands and America, shared it’s her love for her heritage that moved her to develop the app in a bid to help migrant workers and the unbanked Pinoys gain better control of their hard-earned money.

The TANGGapp Founder and CEO’s statement underscores the app’s goal to facilitate not just transactions, but the exchange of care and support across borders. With TANGGapp, sending money no longer requires a trip to the bank or dealing with cumbersome fees and processes. A smartphone and a linked bank account are all that’s needed to send money, as easy as texting. In the Philippines, TANGGapp is partnered with BPI, Unionbank, RCBC, and Chinabank, and is recognized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Micro Remittances Made Easy

Kersch emphasizes that TANGGapp offers users more control over their finances, enabling micro remittances for specific purchases or as personal gifts. This approach to remittances ensures that the intention behind every transfer is preserved. “Our customers used to send $1,000 a month, now they send anything from $20 to $200 per, 3-4 times a week,” Kersch explained, highlighting the app’s flexibility and efficiency. Moreover, with no hidden fees and a minimal foreign exchange fee of 3%, TANGGapp presents a cost-effective solution for international money transfers.

Expanding Horizons

TANGGapp isn’t just facilitating money transfers; it’s fostering connections between Filipinos worldwide. The fully remote international team headquartered in New York, USA. announced plans to expand into the Middle East, aiming to serve the global Filipino community further. Recognized in Forbes Asia’s 100 To Watch List for 2023, TANGGapp demonstrates the significant demand for innovative remittance solutions.

Founded by Kersch, a Harvard graduate with a deep commitment to her Filipino heritage, TANGGapp represents a blend of technological innovation and social mission. The app is designed to be user-friendly, secure, and inclusive, supporting transactions as small as $5 without any transfer fees.

The TANGGapp Community

As TANGGapp gears up for its Pre-Series A funding round following a successful USD 2.5 million seed round, it’s clear that the app is on a trajectory of growth fueled by organic user engagement and a high repeat usage rate. With support from most local banks and e-wallets in the Philippines, TANGGapp is poised to make a significant impact on financial inclusion and the way we think about remittances.

TANGGapp is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. TANGGapp aims to simplify money transfers, making them as easy as texting. With a vision to improve the lives of migrants and the unbanked, TANGGapp starts its journey in the US and the Philippines, promising a future where sending support across the seas is within everyone’s reach.

Ready to experience the future of remittances? Check out TANGGapp to see how international money transfers are made simple, secure, and meaningful, making every transaction a testament to love and support.

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