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Baguio residents receive vegetable seedlings for home-based urban gardens

Baguio City residents are receiving vegetable seeds and seedlings to help them set up home-based urban gardens during the community quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus disease.

Entrepreneur magazine spotlights Filipino startups in Agriculture, Finance technology

Entrepreneur magazine featured four Filipino startups that finance the country’s agriculture and finance technology sectors amidst funding issues.

Philippine bamboo upgraded to high-value crop status

The status of the Philippine bamboo has been upgraded to "high-value crop" following an announcement by the Department of Agriculture.

South Cotabato’s 5 new farm-to-market roads, bridges to improve access, productivity

South Cotabato's five newly completed infrastructure projects are expected to improve access and productivity for small-scale farmers in Lake Sebu.

Filipino agriculture scientist Leocadio Sebastian given highest honors for helping rice production in Vietnam

Filipino expat and agriculture scientist Dr. Leocadio S. Sebastian received the highest honor from the government of Vietnam for his contribution to the country's rice production. Dr. Sebastian was awarded the prestigious “Medal for Contribution...

BPI bolsters sustainable financing for businesses

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has launched its expanded Sustainable Development Finance (SDF) program to bolster its commitment to enable sustainable businesses in the country. With SDF, BPI has consolidated its financing activities for...

Igorot Hunks have a mission, save farmers and protect the environment

The Igorot Hunks, male members of the Tawid Cultural Performing Group from Cordillera, have joined the advocacy to save Filipino farmers and the protection of the environment in Palawan. The Igorot folk dancers planted tree...

UPLB models “Foodscaping” edible landscapes

The University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) is modeling "foodscaping" that merges decorative landscaping with sustainable gardening. UPLB researchers are advocating edible landscaping with the belief that “No Filipino should be hungry” and can...

M-Commerce, Car-care, and Agriculture among Top PH Business Ideas for 2018

If your New Year's Resolutions for 2018 don't include starting a business this year just yet, Entrepchamp Paulo Tibig says you may be missing out big. In his blog's annually-published "Business Ideas", Tibig details what...

Filipino food supplement using nuclear technology wins international recognition

Filipino researchers have been awarded the 2017 Excellent Research Team of the Year by the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA) for developing the Plant Food Supplement (PFS) that exemplifies peaceful use of...

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