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James De Los Santos ends 2020 tourneys with 36 golds, 6 Grand Winner titles

Filipino karateka champion James De Los Santos has ended his 2020 tourneys with a strong finish on Christmas Day, winning three more games to give him a total of 36 gold medals and 6 Grand Winner Titles.

Philippines’ MMA Rolando Dy is Brave Combat Fighter of the Year

Filipino mixed martial artist (MMA) Rolando "The Incredible" Dy has been named the Brave Combat Federation (CF) Fighter of the Year 2020.

Thirdy Ravena chosen to play in Japan Pro B. League’s All-Star Game 2021

The Philippines' basketball pride Thirdy Ravena has been chosen to play in the Japan Professional Basketball League's (JLPB) All-Star Game scheduled for January 2021.

Joshua Pacio named in ESPN’s top MMA fighters under 25

Filipino martial artist Joshua "The Passion" Pacio has claimed a spot in ESPN's Top 25 Mixed Martial Arts Fighters under the age of 25.

Alex Eala takes World No. 2 Tennis Juniors rank after historic French Open run

The Philippines' Alexandra "Alex" Eala has taken the No. 2 spot in the World Juniors tennis circuit after her historic run to the semi-finals of the 2020 Roland Garros French Open tournament.

Fil-Aussie Mia Guillergan erases 1977 world record in 5km run for 11 yr-olds

Filipino-Australian athlete Mia Guillergan has erased the 1977 world age record in the 5-kilometer-run for 11 year-olds.
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