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Introducing ‘Good Governance’: Celebrate the Best of Filipino Leadership with GoodNewsPilipinas

Good governance is all around us, we just need the eyes to see it! Let’s raise our glasses to the people at the grassroots who are aiming for change from the ground up. It’s time to celebrate the best of Filipino leadership across all levels of government!

Quezon City barangay collects computers, appliances e-waste for recycling

Barangay West Triangle in Quezon City is showing how communities can help the environment as it conducted a collection campaign for broken or discarded electrical and electronic equipment that can be sent off for...

Barangay Aquaponics Can Potentially Solve The Food Problem In The Philippines

Despite recent advances in food technology, hunger is still a big problem in our country. Over 7 million children experience hunger and malnutrition in the Philippines because of inadequate access to nutritious food, lack...
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