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Unveiling the Future of Filipino Research: Direk Rene and Dr. Aido Sepeda Discuss NRCP’s...

The Mabuhay Channel, a platform for shedding light on various Filipino stories in New Zealand and around the world, has once again hit the mark in its latest episode. This time, Direk Rene Molina engages in a comprehensive dialogue with Dr. Aido Sepeda, the Executive Director of the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP).

Unlock Your Potential with Double EGOT Winner Bobby Lopez at PHTimeIsNow: An Unmissable Global...

Don't miss your golden opportunity to rise to unparalleled heights—just like Bobby Lopez, the world's only double EGOT winner, who also happens to be of Filipino descent.

Don’t Miss Out on PHTimeIsNow—Elevate Your Game with Global Filipino Leaders this October in...

Do you want to elevate your professional journey while embracing your Filipino heritage? Don't just stand there—act now! The iconic PHTimeIsNow event is back and it's happening on October 28, 2023, at the esteemed Harvard Club of New York City. This is your golden ticket to networking, mentoring, and limitless inspiration!

Unlocking Hidden Gems: Direk Rene and Historian Jose Maria Bonifacio Escoda Discuss the Untold...

In an eye-opening Netkapihan episode, Direk Rene interviewed author and Philippine historian Jose Maria Bonifacio Escoda to delve into the nation's rich involvement in the sport of basketball. What began as a casual conversation quickly transformed into a riveting exploration of the upcoming book, "Philippine Basketball History".

Concourse Singers Bag Gold in Tokyo Choir Tilt with Stirring Tribute to Overseas Filipino...

The Philippines' Concourse Singers have taken center stage in Tokyo, earning the much-deserved gold for their homage to the Filipino diaspora. Their emotionally charged performance video garnered top honors in the Video Presentation Category at the 2023 Tokyo International Choir Competition (TICC 2023) held July 28-30, at the Dai-ichi Seimei Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Underdog Triumph: Filipinas Blaze Trail at FIFA World Cup with Historic Win and Goal

In a stirring moment that resonates with every corner of the globe where the Filipino diaspora is present, the Philippine Women’s National Football Team, carrying the moniker Filipinas, carved an indelible niche in the annals of football history at the 2023 FIFA World Cup. Against the breathtaking backdrop of New Zealand, this band of trailblazers, mostly nurtured outside the Philippine archipelago, emerged victorious in their debut at the global finals, etching a memorable win with a singular goal that will forever be remembered.

Auckland’s best batchoy cooked by a Filipino from Iloilo

In this episode, get to know Andrew Judicpa Drew who is from Pavia, Iloilo. Andrew is a marine engineer with a passion for cooking. He grew up with the family business in the Philippines and has brought his mother’s cooking to New Zealand. He started his La Paz Batchoy and BBQ business as a sideline and a year ago he decided to go full-time. Learn more about how he started his business, the challenges, and the rewards for La Paz Batchoy and BBQ in Auckland.

Get To Know Coach David, the Pinoy guide of the Tall Blacks New Zealand...

In this episode, get to know David E Perez, basketball coach and founder of Unofficial: CAMP DAVID, who is again involved with the logistics team of the New Zealand Tall Blacks coming to the Philippines for the FIBA World Cup scheduled this August 25 - Sep 10, 2023.

Cabalen Ballers win Ambassador’s Cup in Auckland, New Zealand

In this episode, Direk Rene chats with Pinoys Nardjo Botio and Coach Wowskie of the Cabalen Ballers after winning their game at the annual Ambassador's Cup which has started in Auckland, New Zealand.

Unique Filipiniana-themed fashion show using banana fiber raw material launched as House of Musa...

In this episode, Direk Rene returns to feature the House of Musa in New Zealand.

House of Musa Catwalk Coach Raine Symons’ Dancer-Teacher Journey from Philippines to New Zealand

In this PsTV5+ Barangay New Zealand episode, Pia interviews House of MUSA New Zealand’s catwalk coach and model-advocate artistic director of Flores de MUSA, Raine Symons.

Empowered sisters who became MUSA model-advocates

In this PsTV5+ Barangay New Zealand episode, Pia interviews Flores de MUSA New Zealand’s model sisters, Kendall and Izarra.
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