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Karateka Junna Tsukii is 1st Filipina to win World Games gold

Karateka Junna Tsukii has made sports history after becoming the first Filipina athlete to win a World Games gold medal.

Philippines’ Junna Tsukii wins 1st world gold in Portugal, boosts Olympic hope

The Philippines' Junna Tsukii has won her first-ever gold medal in the World Karate Federation (WKF) Premier League held in Lisbon, Portugal, boosting her chances of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics.

Filipino Japanese karateka Junna Tsukii nabs gold in Serbia, strengthens Olympics bid

Filipino-Japanese karateka Junna Tsukii has won a gold medal in the 2021 Golden Belt Tournament held in Cacak, Serbia, strengthening her bid to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

JUST IN: Philippines’ teacher-student team win gold medals at E-Karate World Series

The Philippines' teacher-student team of James De Los Santos and Fatima A-Isha Lim Hamsain have together won 3 gold medals at the E-Karate World Series Edition #2.

Filipino World No. 1 eKata James De Los Santos starts year with World Series...

Filipino World No. 1 eKata player James De Los Santos is starting the year strong with a gold medal finish from the 2021 SportData eTournament World Series #1.

James De Los Santos ends 2020 tourneys with 36 golds, 6 Grand Winner titles

Filipino karateka champion James De Los Santos has ended his 2020 tourneys with a strong finish on Christmas Day, winning three more games to give him a total of 36 gold medals and 6 Grand Winner Titles.

Filipino karateka Fatima A-Isha Hamsain is World’s No. 1 e-Kumite U15 player

Filipino teen karateka Fatima A-Isha Hamsain is now ruling the Under-15 e-Kumite female category as the No. 1 player in the World Rankings.

Filipino karateka James De Los Santos closer to World Top 1 rank after 12th...

Filipino karate champion James De Los Santos is closing in on the World Top 1 ranking as he continues to dominate his online matches, winning two more gold medals one after another.

Filipino karate champion James De Los Santos rules E-Karate Games 2020

The Philippines' online karate superstar James De Los Santos once again brought pride to the country after winning his 5th virtual gold medal at the recently E-Karate Games 2020.

JUST IN: Filipino karate champion James De Los Santos climbs to World Top 6...

Filipino karate champion James De Los Santos has climbed to the Top 6 spot on the World Virtual Kata Rankings after his excellent showings in two e-kata tournaments held amid the global community quarantine that disallowed live games to stop the spread of coronavirus disease.
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