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Tag: National dish

Adobo feted first Filipino dish on Google Doodles

Adobo marks its debut today as the first Filipino dish with a Google Doodle featured on the home page of the internet browser.

The Many Ways Martha Stewart adores Pinoy adobo

Martha Stewart is back in the Philippines' news headlines after the lifestyle guru posted an Instagram photo of her Filipino-style adobo dish. Stewart's social media post on October 7 featured the Philippines' closest thing to...

New Dupont Circle resto in Washington DC serves unique delicious Chicken Adobo

Pinoy food is increasingly becoming more and more popular in the U.S. going by the new restaurants offering Filipino fare. Enter, Flipside in Dupont Circle. In an Eater DC report, Flipside's Jay Aceron describes the...

Adobo featured as Philippines’ national dish on Taste Atlas

All-time Filipino dish favorite, Adobo, has been featured as the national dish of the Philippines on Taste Atlas. "Adobo" which comes from the Spanish word "adobar" which means marinated in English, is listed on Taste...
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Canadian Pinoy at Heart Set to Become an Official Filipino: How...

In a world where many Filipinos aspire for citizenship in countries like Canada, the remarkable journey of Canadian vlogger Kyle Jennermann, known as Kulas, stands out as he walks a path less traveled: becoming a Filipino.
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