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Philippine jeepneys allowed back on roads to service Metro Manila commuters

The iconic Philippine jeepneys are being allowed back on Metro Manila roads to service commuters beginning July 3, 2020.

Japan’s Tamiya launches 1st ever Jeepney model kit

Japan's Tamiya launched its first ever Jeepney model kit at the Mini 4WD Asia Challenge 2019 held in Manila. The famous Japanese toymaker immortalized the Philippine iconic transport vehicle in a Mini 4-wheel drive model...

Why Filipinos should check out the new Jeepney design

The Philippines’ Jeepney Modernization Program has brought forth redesigns of the iconic “King of the Road” transport vehicle – and the public should be aware of reviews from both supporters and critics. The Department of...

How to Keep the Iconic Jeepney on the road

Metro Manila residents may have started to believe that heavy traffic is the new normal and they will just have to learn to live with it. But not Yuri Sarmiento, President of 1-TEAM, or 1-Transport...
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