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Hemophilic Antonio twins share recovery story, pledge to help treatment research

Teen twins Miguel and Marco Antonio chose to be donors in new hemophilia studies in Boston Children’s Hospital, in a move to advance the study on the illness they had all their lives.
Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado shares her story of recovery from COVID-19 to help stop stigma against...

Actress Iza Calzado shared the story of her battle with COVID-19 in an effort to help stop the stigma against patients.

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Know the Differences in Lockdown Stages of ECQ, MECQ, GCQ

The day after May 15, 2020, the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) enforced in Metro Manila, the island of Luzon, and several other areas in the Philippines will either be retained, modified, or scaled-down as the country moves to set up the "new normal" amidst efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.