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Teacher Lory Cainila receives Excellence of Education Award in Maryland

Lory Cainila
Teacher Lory Cainila previously taught at Alabang Elementary School in the Philippines.

Lory Cainila, a teacher at C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School, received the Excellence of Education Award in Bowie, Maryland, USA.

The education award, sponsored yearly by The City of Bowie and the Education Committee for 3 decades now, recognizes teachers in Bowie schools to show appreciation for their dedication, hard work, and excellence in the teaching of their students.

The Governor, members of the General Assembly, and representatives from federal and the local government joined the education community and the City in honoring the teacher-awardees on May 13, 2020.

Cainila has a lot of experience in teaching- 28 years, in fact. She used to be a teacher at Alabang Elementary School in the Philippines before her move to the U.S. Currently, she is a Special Education classroom teacher of various subjects in different grades. With experience comes wisdom and Teacher Lory shares her teaching philosophy with a quote on the Excellence in Education presentation.

“Teaching is about listening, questioning, responding to the needs of the students, allowing them to develop and learn in their own way,” the Filipino teacher shares.

Around the world through these difficult times, Filipinos still continue to make the country proud.

Some notable awards earned by Filipinos include another teacher Edralin Lucas who was awarded the Oklahoma Medal of Excellence in Teaching, photographers who bagged a whopping 8 Moscow International Foto Awards, and Lieutenant Melanie Martins of the U.S. Navy who was given the United States Submarine Warfare Specialist honors.

SEND CONGRATULATIONS in the comments below to Teacher Lory Cainila for her teaching excellence and making Filipinos proud across the globe!

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