These student-led campaigns make sure no learner is left behind amid new normal schooling

Student-led campaigns
The student-led initiatives provide internet access, radio units, and generate funds for gadgets to support Filipino distance learners.

These student-led campaigns make sure no learner is left behind amid the new normal of schooling.

The three private group initiatives Piso Para sa Laptop, Project Walang Iwanan, and Radyo Para sa Baryo provide students with internet access, radio units, and generate funds for gadgets as the Philippine education goes on distance learning approach this school year to eliminate transmission of the COVID-19 disease.

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Much of the classes will now transpire online, which led the do-gooders to start fundraising campaigns for Filipino students struggling to adjust to the new schooling demands.

Among the problems faced by the learners include limited or lack of access to an internet connection and poor signal for residents of remote areas. Others do not possess the means to buy the gadgets needed for online learning.

Project Walang Iwanan Internet
Tuguegarao City

One such initiative stemmed from the lack of internet access for some students in Tuguegarao City. Project Walang Iwanan aids students in their e-learning by giving away free load credits to those who lack funds for internet access.

The fundraising campaign was started by Jason Cureg, a student himself, who says the small initiative was born after he lent his classmates from the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao load credits so they would have access to the internet. Project Walang Iwanan started in June 2020.

The donation drive has already aided over 202 students last semester with their e-learning needs. By July 29, Project Walang Iwanan had already raised Php 26,050.00 worth of cash donations for its beneficiaries.

The campaign announced its re-launch on August 17, 2020, to assist more students in the upcoming semester. Donors can extend their help by reaching out to Cureg or transferring funds directly to the bank accounts posted on the project’s Facebook page in this link.

Radyo Para sa Baryo

Another initiative was also started amid the pandemic, this time assisting the distance learners of Sarangani province who will have radio-based instruction and modular classes.

Radyo Para sa Baryo is aiming to provide at least 1,000 radio units to public school students in Sarangani taking up modular learning.

Radyo Para sa Baryo launched a campaign called ‘Forty for the Radio challenge’ which asks donors for as little as Php 40 as a contribution for the procurement of the radio units. It also requires challengers to tag 4 of their friends to keep the movement going.

The units will enable students to listen to the radio educational programs offered by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the safety of their own homes.

The Provincial Youth Development Council together with the Panlalawigang Pederasyon ng Sangguniang Kabataan launched the project on July 23, 2020. The group hopes to reach its target goal of Php 200,000 by the end of August.

You can help Sarangani kids as they pursue an education in the new normal by donating to Radyo Para sa Baryo in this link.

Hashtag campaign on Facebook, Twitter

Students independently took to social media, with the hashtag #PisoParasaLaptop to seek funding for distance learning gadgets.

The #PisoParasaLaptop campaign was launched by students themselves to help them and fellow learners cope with the demands of online learning.

The students simply ask donors for help in the posts, with the details of their GCash or e-money accounts. The campaign’s basic premise makes it easier for all to donate to students in hard times.

The #PisoParasaLaptop campaign collectively stresses that one peso can make all the difference in a student’s life. Several news outlets have helped some kids get the funding they need by broadcasting their stories to a larger audience.

Many of those who have used the hashtag were surprised to see donations pouring in from good-hearted friends and strangers alike.

The hashtag is particularly popular in social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. You can find learners in need by simply going on any of these platforms and search for posts with #PisoParasaLaptop. Even a small amount can help get kids the laptops or tablets they need for their e-learning studies.

Search #PisoParaSaLaptop on Twitter

The student-led efforts steered kindhearted Pinoys to start fund drives and initiatives of their own to help out learners affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

More initiatives to help Filipino students with their new schooling needs include a Filipino Youtuber nurse based in Ireland sponsoring tablet computers for Pinoy kids and Batangas’ Casa Antonio Glamp Camp giving away free WiFi kits to students in the province.

The country’s capital city of Manila is also preparing to distribute free tablets, laptops, and WiFi for public school children and teachers while Cavite province will roll out free WiFi.

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