This couple got married at McDonald’s amid Covid-19 lockdown

Love knows no pandemic! A couple has pushed through with their wedding ceremony at their favorite dating spot in McDonald’s despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The public health emergency that hindered many social gatherings including weddings, didn’t stop this happy couple from putting their love into action and managed to have their “McWedding”.

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Manuel Luna and Gale Apa-ap spread the love on social media on June 16, 2020, posting photos as they tied the knot at an unconventional location and has managed to catch the likes of over a thousand netizens.

“The McWedding, I will never be ashamed that we had our wedding ceremony at Mcdonalds, we may not have the perfect venue but I will always have a perfect partner. I’m thankful that you accepted me for who I am and what I have despite of all my flaws, I was never perfect but yet you love me as if I am,” Manuel wrote in a Facebook post.

Philstar reported that the Luna couple was supposed to get married in Roxas City on May 20 but decided to settle for a civil wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic,

But to make it more memorable, Manuel came up with the idea of celebrating it at McDonald’s, one of their favorite dating spots. Lucky for them, they were able to pull it off!

Mr. and Mrs. Luna’s love story goes way back in college but they parted after almost a year of dating. But love found a way as they met again after 5 years.

“We then (caught) up and naging friends kami, like real friends na no intention of getting back together. But of course dahil na rin siguro sa tadhana, di na namalayan na nahuhulog na pala ako sa kanya,” Manuel shared with The STAR’s

A second chance encounter led to forever.

“I will always choose you no matter what the world would bring us.
I will choose you kahit tinotopak ka pa,
I will choose you kahit hindi man ako ang best tank mo sa ML,
I will choose you kahit food is life,
I will choose you kahit si Park so jun pa ang nasa wallpaper mo,
I will choose you kahit mag away man tayo.
I will choose you, I will choose you, I will choose you..
I love you, Mrs Luna,” Manuel posted on his FB account.

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