The viral “FollowMeTo” couple of Murad and Nataly Osmann are featuring the Philippines in their new season episodes.

The Osmann’s released in September the first four You Tube episodes of their adventures in the country, going to travel spots, sampling local cuisine and fashion, and familiarizing themselves with the culture and warmth of their Filipino hosts.

The Russian couple have also posted official snapshots of their trademark poses of Nataly facing a picturesque scene with her hand back towards her husband who was taking the picture, on The FollowMeTo Project and Murad Osmann’s Instagram accounts which have racked up about 5 million followers.

FollowMeTo Filipino Fashion

The first episode of the new series “FollowMeTo Philippines” premiered on September 15 featuring the famous couple checking out Rajo Laurel’s store in Manila and shopping for outfits to be worn by Nataly for their “FollowMeTo” photos.

The 6-minute video showed the couple playfully bickering over which clothes to pick, as they familiarized themselves with Filipino fashion and seeking out clothes with a national motif.

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FollowMeTo Manila

The next FollowMeTo episode brought the couple through a walking tour of the old walled city of Intramuros in Manila where the two chatted about the Philippines’ history with Spain.
Nataly’s amazement at the preservation of the 16th century city is shown on the video: “It’s surprising to witness the spirit of colonial Spain in the center of the Philippines! It’s like we’re in Europe!”

The traveling couple tried riding the iconic local jeepney, referring to it as a “wonderful local bus” and praising its creativity.
“You will also never see two jeepneys that look the same! It’s like a contest for the most creative Filipino!”

The FollowMeTo couple shared how, “You can’t see the country by just going around the luxury places” as they tried local fruits and their bargaining skills at a local stand.

They also danced as they dined at Bistro Remedios, a popular restaurant in Malate.

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FollowMeTo Mayon Volcano

The social media celebrity couple had their share of unexpected adventures as they went to Legazpi, Albay to film the world-famous Mayon Volcano as the country was hit by a typhoon, making the couple’s first FollowMeTo photo shoot at a volcano even more challenging, and rewarding.

Seeing the quaint town near the volcano, Nataly mused, “Only by moving around the country can you realize how different its regions are.”

She then asked Murad, “Did you know there are about 7000 islands in the Philippines and every single one has something authentic, unique to it.”

The first FollowMeTo snapshot was taken at the Cagsawa Church ruins with the view of Mayon Volcano.
The couple rode quad sport utility bikes towards the volcano to get a closer snapshot.

“It’s so awesome to be God knows where and to see this beauty…And the sky is so calm,” Nataly said, just before they had to quickly leave Albay to escape the stormy weather.

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FollowMeTo Bohol Chocolate Hills

The 4th installment of the FollowMeTo Philippines series brought the Osmann pair to Bohol where they climbed to the top of a Chocolate Hill for a picture with Nataly finally able to wear her Filipino-motif clothes.

The couple had many things to say about the wonderful sights they saw, praising the Philippines’ “Incredible beauty. No building can compare to creations of nature.”

The video also shows the couple enjoying the powdery white beaches and pristine waters of Bohol.

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FollowMeTo Philippines Episode 5 is expected to be posted on September 28, promising to show what Nataly says she “came to the Philippines personally for.”

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