Visual Poetry art drive funds Project Malasakit’s public schools learning materials

Visual Poetry art drive
The works of award-winning visual artist Yelcast and 20 local poets are being sold to benefit Project Malasakit’s partner schools. Photos from Yelcast FB.

A ‘Visual Poetry’ art drive is funding learning materials for journalist Kara David’s Project Malasakit Foundation whose recipients are remote public schools all over the Philippines.

The “koLOVE” online art exhibit features the works of award-winning visual artist Yelcast and twenty Filipino poets who have collaborated to aid schools without the sufficient resources for the production of students’ learning modules amid the new normal of education.

The ongoing art initiative was started by local artist Yelcast on August 22, 2020. The artist uses authentic and unique calligraphic styles to get his message across with visual poetry. The distinctive style combines images with poems.

Yelcast is a registered electrical engineer and full-time visual artist from Batangas. His art pieces have won a string of awards from various competitions. He is also frequently featured by media outlets for his charitable work and ‘art for a cause’ fundraising campaigns.

“Yelcast visual poetry is much more interactive than conventional poetry because there is more left to imagination and even more up for interpretation,” the artist wrote on social media.

All proceeds generated from the koLOVE online art exhibit will be donated to Project Malasakit by Kara David, a scholarship foundation bridging the gap between Filipinos who want to help and Filipino children who need to be helped.

The non-profit is also aiming to help public school teachers get the funding they need to accommodate Filipino distance learners and the new demands for the new normal of schooling adopted by the Philippine Department of Education to keep students safe amid the pandemic.

Buyers can purchase the local artworks posted on Yelcast Arts’ Facebook page by contacting koLOVE organizers: Yelcast or Ms. Promdi Maris Castro for the availability of their desired paintings.

All the artworks posted for the koLOVE exhibit are priced at 3,000 pesos but donors have the option to donate more to benefit disadvantaged Filipino students.

Reservations can be made for 48 hours. The paintings will be offered to other interested parties if payment has not been made within the period.

Delivery fee is shouldered by the buyer. Each purchase includes an unframed VisualPoetry artwork with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The art exhibit runs until September 30, 2020. You can view the paintings for sale here.

Similar initiatives have been started by kind-hearted citizens to aid needy Filipino schoolchildren under the new normal of schooling.

Non-profit group Ink2Link is donating printing materials for the learning modules of disadvantaged students residing in the remote areas of Palawan.

OFW nurse Aldrin Licayan started a fundraising campaign for tablet computers to be donated to Pinoy kids back home while computer programmer Mark Anthony Perez is offering his laptop repair services for free to students in Tarlac.

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