Young entrepreneur Raya Buensuceso gives over 70 bikes to female frontliners

Raya Buensuceso gives 70 bikes
Raya’s beneficiaries include single mothers, health workers, janitresses, lady guards, social workers, among others. Photo credits to Raya Buensuceso FB page.

Young entrepreneur Raya Buensuceso’s bike fundraiser has managed to procure and donate 73 mountain bikes to female frontliners who struggle at work due to the lack of public transportation amid the ongoing pandemic.

Buensuceso, a SoGal Manila Chapter Leader – a global non-profit that advocates women and other underrepresented entrepreneurs, shared in her social media about the journey of her humble initiative which started on September 14, 2020.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur, who works in an infrastructure advisory firm, was able to exceed her original goal of donating 2 bikes to Filipinas who had to juggle housework while working in Metro Manila.

Raya’s beneficiaries include single mothers, health workers, janitresses, lady guards, social workers, among others.

The women’s advocate was overwhelmed with the stories of the recipients how they tread the roads without better transport service.

“All over the world, women are being disproportionately impacted by the pandemic,” Buensuceso said.

“How do you assess relative need when dealing with a grocery store clerk who walks for 6hrs each day between Cavite & Alabang; a single mom struggling to make ends meet and for whom a P60 tricycle ride is equivalent to one meal; and exhausted nurses on 12-16hr shifts who have to leave their homes 4hrs early just to catch the sole shuttle that can take them to work? It feels cruel to have to prioritize,” shared Buensuceso.

Raya continues to express her gratitude to her loved ones and generous donors to the initiative saying,

“Many thanks again to those who have helped out and those who continue to give. This small initiative wouldn’t be possible without you! I can’t emphasize enough how much of a difference you’ve already made on the lives of our beneficiaries—on their finances, their mobility, and their schedules. The daily photos and messages I receive are a testament to that 💗🚲”

Some of the heartfelt backstories of working Filipinas were also shared by the young leader on September 25.

This week’s beneficiaries included:

  • a single mom of 5 who works the night shift as a janitress at a warehouse in Parañaque, and who would walk to and from her home in Taguig everyday due to a lack of jeeps along her route
  • a lady guard at an LRT station who, ironically enough, had no way of commuting during MECQ and so would walk 1hr45min each way between Malabon and Manila
  • long-time bikers who had either been borrowing bikes that were eventually taken back by their owners or whose bikes were very old/unsuitable for road conditions

With the motivation to empower women and provide mobility, the young entrepreneur will continue the fundraiser as long as donations keep coming.

To those who want to donate, contact Raya on her Facebook page and help achieve her current goal of donating 100 bikes to more Filipina workers.

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Catriona Gray and boyfriend actor Sam Milby who donated 50 bikes for Pasig City residents through Gretchen Ho’s bike donation drive.

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