Running Out of Hope

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Have you experienced any of these?

Waking up in the morning to see text messages about your loans.

You can already be phone-pals with the credit card collection agent with the frequency of his calls.

All your income and salary just go to paying your debts.

You can’t sleep at night from thinking of how or where to get money to pay off your debts.

Having an income that falls short is a sad situation to be in, but there is nothing more tragic than if you are already at the end of your rope or up to your neck deep in debt. It is not just a road block but a dead-end. No detour, not u-turns.

Even if you want to pay up, you really don’t have anything more to give. They can search your house or drain you dry, but they will not be successful in getting any single cent more out of you because there is simply none.

When this is your situation, what more could you do?

Here are my suggestions:


You cannot pay off your debt if you run away or hide from it. Don’t run away from your responsibility. Face it. Personally talk to your creditor or the person you owe money to, to let him or her know your real and honest situation.


You should learn how to humble yourself. Let go of your pride. More often than not, the person who is in debt is usually the one who has the nerve to be angry. This will not help you or your situation, but would instead annoy your creditor the more.


If you don’t face your debts, this will just become a bigger problem and your debt will just grow bigger and bigger because of the interest. Work out a plan with your creditor on how y