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How to stay positive and keep your New Year resolutions in 2018

At the heart of every New Year resolution is a promise to do better, love more, and improve one’s situation and relationships.   We can all use some help to keep our resolutions, and what better...
Chinky Tan

Don’t Be Greedy!

“Money, money money Must be funny In the rich man’s world” These are lyrics from the song from Abba. Who does not want to earn more money? There is nothing wrong with earning money.
Chinky Tan

I Don’t Want To Cram Anymore! I Don’t Want To Cram Anymore!

It’s Monday again! Time to go back to work and school. There are so many deadlines and homework to do.
Chinky Tan

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Has this ever happened to you? You were planning to do something, but your plan didn’t happen. That’s exactly what happened to me today. I woke up at 2AM to catch a 4:30AM flight going to Cebu via Cebu Pacific Terminal 3.
Chinky Tan

Angry! Frustrated! Stressed!

Do you easily get angry? Frustrated? Stressed? It’s so frustrating to meet people who never think of anything else but themselves.
Chinky Tan

The Value of Having True Friends

People who will… Jump off a cliff with you… Go through fire with you… Wade through water for you… Save the last piece of biscuit for you…
Chinky Tan

How Have You Ever Felt Unloved?

Have you ever felt or experienced these things… “I’m a legitimate child, but why are they treating me as if I were adopted?” “I’m married, but I’m taken for granted.
Chinky Tan

How Will I Get My ATM Card Back?

An ATM card is a PRIVATE PROPERTY. You don’t share it with others. You don’t give your PIN to others. You even cover your hand while punching in your PIN at the machine.
Chinky Tan

What To Do When You’re Being Treated Unfairly

“Sorry, you’re not qualified in this basketball try-outs. We need someone taller.” “Hey you, bring this over there. You look like a water boy anyway.”
Chinky Tan

Persistence Is A Major Key To Success

Do you know people who are just so persistent? I remember one time when my family and I were traveling to Baguio. My kids were still so young, and of course, being kids, they couldn’t help but be bored during a 6-hour travel.
Chinky Tan

Secrets of Successful Chinoy Entrepreneurs

Kong Si Fa Chai! Kong Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This is the time where we get to eat lots of Tikoy and many Chinese delicacies shared by our Chinoy friends.
Chinky Tan

I Want To Quit!

Have you ever felt this way? “I’m just so tired…” “Lord, why is it that nothing is happening up until now?” “I did everything that I could, but it just wasn’t enough.”
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