10 Youth Films on Climate Change Awareness Showcased in Klima Film Fest

Klima Film Festival
These 10 films are spreading climate change awareness vital in today’s growing nature devastation. Photos from OML’s FB.

Ten Filipino youth-led films about climate change awareness are being showcased in the very timely “Klima Film Festival” (KFF) competition.

The film festival which runs on November 19-25, 2020, seeks to increase the public’s understanding of climate change while displaying the skills and creativity of young Filipino filmmakers.

The Climate Change Commission (CCC) PH, in partnership with climate change management foundation – Oscar M. Lopez (OML) Center, have teamed up to create a platform where youths will be engaged in spreading climate change awareness through films as they unveiled the Top 10 film entries on Facebook on November 19, 2020.

As part of the celebration of the 13th annual Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week, CCC and OML will grant trophies and funding to the winning teams to be awarded on November 25.

“Our youth will bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change. At the same time, they are vital to solving their challenges. Films are a powerful medium to inform and mobilize the youth to act,” said Dr. Rodel D. Lasco, Executive Director of OML Center to Good News Pilipinas.

The Top 10 films were selected from the initial 52 youth team entries from across 14 regions of the country who signed up for the festival.

Here are the 10 climate change films to watch:

    Director: Clarice Cua
    “After spending his childhood in a house where he is often forced to evacuate, he finally decides to leave. While packing his things, he checks one last bag — his emergency kit — that holds a lot of memories of his artistic sister, Louise. Her drawings from their childhood will unfold the story of their relationship.”
    Director: Mark Daniel De Castro
    “Young Michael is independent, loves to write, and enjoys quiet time alone. He is also a nature lover. His father is a busy businessman while his mother is a plant-lover. As he hears them fight for the first time, his parents finally become aware of Michael’s inner voice. Would Michael speak out to stop an over-consuming problem in his family?”
    Director: Bradley Jason Pantajo
    “Set in an imagined future, as the Earth’s temperature continues to increase. The urban community of Gomorrah suffers from the devastating effects of drought, opting for people to fight for their survival including Jeremiah who is forced to grow up and take care of his younger sibling and finds himself searching for the unsearchable – clean water to drink.
  4. “LIHAM”
    Director: Vince Aaron Bercasio
    “A lover of nature daydreams about his past, where he remembers his time playing with nature and proverbs that have stuck in his mind since. As we go to the present time, he writes a letter as his stand on these proverbs change as the problems on the climate he once loved worsens.”
  5. “LITRATO”
    Director: Flynn Mendoza
    “Lito, a young nature enthusiast and photographer, recalls all of his past experiences in the tragedy with his best friend. Lito travels to their favorite go-to places and takes photographs. The places remind him of all the happy memories they have shared.”
  6. “OUR WORLD”
    Created by Jerome Pineda, Kit Aguilar, Jackie Galario, Dom Bitang
    “Nymfa the nymph is a loving and delicate creature living with her powerful elemental dragons named Ember (fire), River (water), and Skye (wind). They all live in peace, harmony, and serenity, until one day, invaders from the intricate royal castle arrive.”
    Directors: Kris Angel Ditan, Lance Lascano
    “Resilience is a story of Ethan, an optimistic 22-year-old man, who knows all the disturbances happening around. In his daily routine, he unconsciously makes efforts that advocate protection of his environment. One night he stumbles upon something unforeseen, which changes his vision for humanity and the future.”
    Director: Mae Malelang
    “Hiraya got lost in the middle of a forest after she tried to run away from loggers. When she was trying to find her way home, she saw a goddess who helped her way out. The goddess was gradually becoming weak and said that if the forests would be gone, she would die and leave this world.”
  9. “TINIG”
    Director: Mark Andrew Lim
    “Life is but a series of tests. If difficulties strike, one must take courage. Yet, a teenager named Makoy, a loving son to an ill mother and selfless father suffers from the anger of nature. As he goes along his path, he learns to let bygones be bygones and smile as he takes another step forward.”
  10. “VERDANT”
    Director: Mikone Joshua Calungsod
    “In an attempt to save the planet from the devastating effects of climate change, Pete Bolfango, the last environmental scientist on Earth, must utilize his wits and spirit to find a new home that is sustainable for humankind and a world free from climate change and affliction.”

These 10 films will vie for the major awards and 3 special awards – Most Liked Teaser, Most Liked Poster, and Audience Choice Award.

To vote, follow the instructions here.

After all the screening sessions on November 24, the Top 10 entries will be made available for FREE on iWantTFC.

SEND CHEERS and GOOD LUCK in the comments below to 10 youth-led films that spread climate change awareness through Klima Film Festival.

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