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Advanced Abilities Launches AI Solutions to Philippine Healthcare

Advanced Abilities has introduced AI-enabled devices to improve early disease detection and patient care in the Philippines. Photo from Advanced Abilities.

Advanced Abilities, an all-Filipino tech company and independent solutions aggregator, has unveiled a range of AI-driven products aimed at transforming various local industries. Leading this initiative is Smart Health Solutions, featuring AI-enabled devices to improve early disease detection and patient care.

AI Smart Scan, a portable X-ray system, detects 32 conditions, including tuberculosis. It performs up to 200 scans in 8 hours, reducing turnaround times from days to minutes. Developed by DeepTek, its software, Augmento PACS, is designed by radiologists for radiologists, tackling daily challenges in medical imaging.

“The first step to disease prevention and proper treatment is quick, and readily-available access to proper healthcare. We have been working on this device alongside medical experts for the last couple of years, which is why today, we’re very proud to introduce our Smart Health Solutions, led by AI Smart Scan, a portable AI-driven x-ray system capable of detecting diseases at record speed, and serve more patients within a shorter turnaround time,” said Angelo Antonio “AA” Buendia, CEO and President of Advanced Abilities.

Using AI, AI Smart Scan differentiates normal from abnormal cases, creating reports based on radiologist insights. It features a user-friendly interface and a self-checking AI system to ensure accuracy.

“This solution is already being used in Chennai City, India, where 500 in every 100,000 patients are getting a diagnosis, demonstrating a 25 times increased yield of detecting tuberculosis. This kind of result can now be replicated here in the Philippines with the help of AI Smart Scan,” Buendia added.

Advanced Abilities also introduced Absol, a portable immunodiagnosis kit for rapid blood tests, and RevDX, a complete blood count testing device that delivers results within 5-30 minutes.

Additional innovations include Policymate, a digital insurance marketplace, and P-ACE Portal, a platform for tracking insurance and risk management cases for P&I Clubs and shipowners.

Upcoming launches include OneOFW, a mobile app and web portal to facilitate coordination between OFWs and government agencies, and Advanced eSIM, a digital SIM card for international connectivity, offering cost-efficient data plans in over 150 countries.

“We aim for a future where every diagnosis is quick, precise, and accessible. At Advanced Abilities, we have the capability to harness the potential of innovative technology, not just in healthcare, but in all the realms we service in, and are committed to making modern solutions accessible to every Filipino,” Buendia concluded.

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