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Building Bright Futures: How Effective L&D Can Transform Workplace

A new study from CYPHER Learning reveals a clear path to happier, more engaged employees through effective Learning and Development (L&D).

CYPHER Learning, provider of the leading modern learning platform for business and academic settings, reveals a clear path to happier, more engaged employees through effective Learning and Development (L&D).

The findings highlight the positive impact of well-executed L&D programs on employee retention and satisfaction, especially among younger workers, and how companies that prioritize skill growth and career development can foster a thriving, dynamic workplace where employees feel valued and empowered.

The new report – From Skills to Success: L&D Insights for the Modern Workforce – details the findings of a survey of 4,500 workers across the US, UK, and Mexico. The research suggests that the quality of L&D has a direct impact on employees’ sentiment towards their employer and their propensity to leave – particularly for younger workers. Key findings include:

  • Lack of L&D is making younger workers consider quitting: 70% of workers feel their organisation’s L&D could be better, 29% of whom said this was negatively impacting their job satisfaction, and 36% that it was making them consider leaving – 44% for ages 18-34.
  • Managers are failing their teams: While 75% of workers think people with more vocal and attentive managers are more likely to be promoted, over half (53%) say their manager is under-equipped to help them progress in their careers.
  • Employees feeling adrift in the workplace: 69% of workers would welcome guidance and training to help them navigate the ‘unspoken rules’ of the workplace, while 67% of 18-24-year-olds feel that school/college/university has left them unprepared for the workplace.
  • Lack of trust is making workers skeptical: 54% do not trust HR to look out for their interests, while 8% of workers say they’d feel ‘skeptical and unconvinced’ if they were offered bespoke training, as they would question the motives behind it.
  • Those who are more visible get ahead: 66% of workers say progression is based more on popularity than competency and 72% have seen people who don’t deserve it get promoted – with introverts feeling frozen out of advancement opportunities.

“Given that retention was the number one priority for HR professionals going into 2024, it is vital that organizations take a closer look at their L&D offerings to ensure they can compete for talent. The research shows us that employers that offer continuous skills development and make employee development a priority are set to have an edge over the competition,” comments Graham Glass, founder and CEO of CYPHER Learning.

“Transparency is key to building trust. People need to know that their future does not rest solely in the hands of an incompetent or disinterested manager. But a third of respondents say there is no formal process for tracking skills progression.”

The research shows that when companies do get training right, it can have a hugely positive effect. Almost a third of employees (30%) said that training they received was “exceptionally rewarding” – leaving them feeling “truly enlightened and invigorated.” The same number reported feeling ‘highly valued and empowered’ by their employer and that they feel ‘deeply appreciated and recognized’ thanks to the continuous investment in their development.

In the Philippines, the Health Information Management Training Institute (HIMTI) has achieved remarkable success, leveraging AI and personalized instruction through the CYPHER Learning platforms to set new standards in medical coding education. Its effective efforts in preparing students through a robust L&D program in medical education have resulted in a 100% pass rate for their recent Medical Coding Training Classes, showcasing the power of tailored, technology-driven education in achieving outstanding results. HIMTI’s achievements underscore the importance of continuous skills development and personalized training in preparing individuals for successful careers in the global healthcare industry.

However, many are not being given this opportunity. 16% of workers have received no training at all in the past twelve months. A lack of development opportunities was considered to have a direct negative impact on career prospects:

  • 43% say their company’s insufficient workplace training is holding them back from advancing their career.
  • 42% of workers say their workplace doesn’t offer the training they need to do their role effectively.
  • 41% of workers are being told they need to improve but given no training to help them do so – a figure which rises to 52% for 18-24-year-olds.
  • 68% of workers say workplace training is often a one-size-fits-all that doesn’t feel very personalized to them and their needs

When considering what people want from training, we found that:

  • 89% of workers would feel encouraged and enthusiastic if offered bespoke training for their role, ‘depending on the content and delivery of the programme’ – with 63% wanting that training to be delivered at the point of need.
  • Soft skills are valued as highly as technical skills – with leadership ranking as the number one area that workers would like training in, followed by role-specific skills and critical thinking.
  • Leadership also ranked as the number one area that workers think their manager needs training in, with listening in second place, and collaboration and team management in third.

“A workforce that feels valued, inspired, and invigorated is worth its weight in gold,” Glass concludes. “When a continuous culture of learning is created, employees are given the tools to thrive and grow. That is the power that a structured L&D programme can deliver. We can see that workers are craving training that is delivered at the right time, in the right way, that is relevant to them. This is achievable. With a new generation of AI-enabled L&D, timely, cost-effective personalisation at scale can be a reality.”

To read the full CYPHER Learning report, From Skills to Success: L&D Insights for the Modern Workforce – Exploring the evolution of L&D strategies and their influence on employee retention, motivation, and career advancement, click here.

Survey Methodology

CYPHER Learning commissioned Censuswide, a third-party research firm, to conduct an online omnibus survey of 4,500 general workers. This included 2,000 in the US, 2,000 in the UK, and 500 in Mexico, across a range of industries and levels of seniority. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.


CYPHER Learning exists to give learners the power to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Trainers, learning and development (L&D) pros, HR pros, and educators get everything they need in one platform to deliver faster, more personalized, and better learning outcomes. The company provides the only all-in-one AI learning platform that is easy to use, beautifully designed, and built to power hundreds of millions of learning moments every day. Create courses faster. Train and teach better. Learn even quicker. Experience the CYPHER Learning “just in time, just for you, just the way you want to learn” approach that puts people first. See the modern learning platform at www.cypherlearning.com.

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