Alden Richards’ Alaala brings home Gold Camera Award

Alden Richards’ “Alaala” won the Gold Camera Award from the 50th US International Film and Video Festival.

The GMA Network production bannered by Richards who played the role of Martial Law survivor Bonifacio Ilagan, won in the docudrama category of the international tilt.

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The 50th US International Film and Video Festival announced the winning of the Philippine production and told the story of how two teams – the documentary team and the drama team – worked hand in hand to produce the television special on Martial Law.

The documentary team shadowed and served as support for behind the scenes footages, interviewed Martial Law victims, personalities with first hand Martial law atrocities experience, as well as historians and experts.

On the other hand, the drama team worked with the actors from the roster of GMA Network like Alden Richards – the country’s biggest matinee idol who played the role Martial Law activist and award-winning screen writer Bonifacio Ilagan.

Rocco Nacino essayed the role of Bonifacio’s friend Pete Lacaba, while Bianca Umali played Bonifacio’s activist sister Rizalina who is among the hundreds who went missing during Martial Law. Award-winning actress and director Gina Alajar completes the winning cast.

The docudrama special took the viewers through the journey of the activists Ilagan, his sister Rizalina and friend Pete Lacaba, and highlighted the capture and torture experience of Martial Law detainees.

The docudrama previously received a Silver Award from the 2018 New York Festivals’ World’s Best TV and Films.

“Alaala” aired in September 2017 as special documentary drama in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of President Ferdinand Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines.

Watch the full episode here courtesy of GMA Network.

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