Batangueña apartment owner says she won’t collect rent during quarantine in Luzon

Batangueña apartment free rent
Lenlen Borneo is waiving the fees for her 12-unit apartment in Lian, Batangas.

One landlady in Batangas province is telling her tenants in a 12-unit apartment in Lian that she will not make them pay rent for the month of March during the enhanced community quarantine declared over Luzon island.

Burdened by patriotic desire to do her part while the country is gripped with the COVID-19 pandemic, Lenlen Borneo said that she wants to set an example for her children on how to step up when one is called to do what we can for the country in this dire situation.

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And she’s putting her money where her mouth is, so to speak, by allowing at least 30 people (7 families) to go RENT-FREE for March so it can be one less thing they have to worry about. Her pledge was posted via Facebook last March 17, 2020.

Original FB post of Lenlen Borneo

“I don’t want President Duterte’s advice to fall on deaf ears so even if it means less income for me and my family, it’s my way of showing my tenants that I also care for their plight”, Borneo told Good News Pilipinas.

Her Facebook post has made netizens commend her action.

Netizens comments on Lenlen Borneo’s good deed.

“I only have good intentions for posting this in the first place. Hopefully, people can take a hard look at what they can do to keep the bayanihan spirit alive,” she added.

Apartment renters get a reprieve from fees.

Filipino Bayanihan initiatives are showcasing how ordinary citizens are going beyond their own comfort zone to help others at this time of a Philippine quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19. Among these acts of neighborly love include Barangay Captains who are initiating programs to assist their local communities, youth groups creating DIY face shields for health workers and frontliners, and a Lend-A-Bike Project that brings people’s transport support to health workers and frontliners.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to Lenlen Borneo and other ordinary citizens who are taking the initiative to show care for their neighbors at this time of community quarantine!

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