The Philippines moves up “Best Places in the World to Live & Work” Expat rankings

Best Places in the World to Live & Work
The Philippines is now ranked the Top 24 best place for expats. Credits to HSBC Expat.

The Philippines moved up two notches in the “Best Places in the World to Live & Work” rankings released by Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation’s (HSBC) Expat Explorer.

From the 26th spot in 2018, the country is now the 24th best place for expats in the new global ranking that places the Philippines just behind the United States (23rd), and ahead of China (26th).

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The annual Expat Explorer results released on July 4 conducted the survey among 18,000 expats in 163 markets worldwide. The expats were surveyed about their preferences based on career opportunities, cost of living, and family life.

Results indicate that expatriates, who relocate overseas mostly for work, are more concerned with the reasonable cost of living and friendly people – traits the Philippines is known to offer.

“With its tropical climate and steadily growing economy, the Philippines is quickly becoming one of the most popular expat destinations in Southeast Asia,” HSBC Expat Explorer adds.

The Philippines has been enjoying positive economic growth over recent years, making the country more attractive to foreign companies who choose to invest and bring their people to the Southeast Asian nation.

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